Credit and Debt in the EU

I have arranged the information from Wikipedia (please make a donation!) on the debt figures in Europe. One can draw a Middle Border across Europe. The northern portion of Europe consists of Rhineland and Baltis as creditor lands, flanked by Atlantis and NorthEastland as debtor lands. Still as a whole, the North holds a credit position of about 1.7 Trillion Euro's. The Southern portion of Europe is Debtor land, totalling to -3.4 Trillon of debt. So, in total Europe is in debt (- 1.7 Trillion Euro). But look at the USA! - 5.4 Trillion Dollars of debt position! What do the US do when for example Ohio cannot pay its debt services? Will they push Ohio out of the Dollar Union? NO!

One tool that the US have is the Federal Bond. Why can the ECB not issue EU-bonds?